Technical Consultancy - Mec.Ship S.r.l.

Technical Consultancy

on the owner's request, and according to the intervention to be carried out, you are scheduled to visit on board to check the feasibility of the work to be performed and read all the data necessary to complete the lists of materials and specifications.

Developing of materials lists:
Quantitative and qualitative analysis of materials to be used.

Technical specifications:
we supply the Customer with all the technical details for the achievement of the work required.

We create technical drawings with operating systems such Cad, to be used to store board and in case of shipping register approval.



We are able to supply and fit:

Iron pipes (ASTM type),
• Pressfitting systems (such as press fitting, cunipress, hermetic, steckdrain, blue power etc.),
• Georg Fischer and Aquatherm (PE, PB, PP-R, i-fit),
• CUNI 90/10,
• Stainless steel,
• Valves and accessories,
• Hydraulic (ECUs for ramps, watertight doors, car deck etc),

For each type of material we can perform:
• Board Pads
• Building at the edge or in the workshop

sistemi di ventilazione

Ventilation ducts, extraction and Exhaust Gas

We are able to supply and fit:

• Pipes circular and square type
• Shutters ventilation
• Insulation.

For ventilation dampers carry out maintenance dedicated to the mechanical parts, pneumatic and electric.


Carpentry Work

• Watertight doors access external ship decks installation
• Hinged fire screen door installation
• New cases for fuel-oil-water or change existing funds
• Stands for pumps
• Floorings of buildings
• Balustrades, and other light carpentry work