Technical Consultancy - Mec.Ship S.r.l.

Technical Consultancy

At owner’s request, and according to the intervention to be made, a visit on board is scheduled to check the feasibility of the work to be performed and keep all the data necessary to complete the lists of materials and technical specifications and engineering drawings.

Creation of the material lists:
quantitative and qualitative analysis of the materials to be used.

Technical specifications:
we provide to the customer all the technical details to perform the required work.

realization of technical drawings by software like CAD-CAM or 3D design to be used for on board library or Class approval (to be done by the Owner).

3D Scanning:
performance of 3D scanning by laser scanner in order to take dimension with strict tollerances and design of big modification that requires workshop pre-fabrication.

plan of on board intervention boat for esecution and logistic phase in order to support jobs done during Repairs or Dry Docks.



We can supply and fit:

Stell pipes (type ASTM),
• Pressfitting systems (such as press-fitting, cunipress, hermetic, steckdrain, blu power, etc.),
• George Fischer and Acquatherm (PE, PB, PP-R, i-fit),
• CUNI 90/10,
• Stainless steel,
• Valves and Fittings,
• Hydraulic (ECUs for ramps, watertight doors, car deck, etc.),

For each type of material we can make:
• Verify on board the piping meausurement
• Construction on board or in the workshop

sistemi di ventilazione

Ventilation ducts, extraction and Exhaust Gas

We can supply and fit:

• Circular and square ducts
• Ventilation dampers
• Electric motors for ventilation
• Thermal/fire resistant insulation.

For the dampers ventilation we are able to perform maintenances dedicated to the mechnical parts, pneumatic and electric.


Carpentry Work

• Watertigh and fire doors
• New structural tanks for fuel, oil, water or made modification of the existing ones
• Basament for pumps
• Constructitrades and other works of light carpentry.on of flooring, balus

3d scanner

3D Scanner

Mec Ship srl in the field of industrial choices aimed at the development of "Green Technology" for shipping since 2016 has worked to develop design, planning and installation capacity of systems for the reduction of emissions from ships both in the air and in the air. in water (Ballast Water Management System, Scrubber, GHG Limitation System, etc.).

To this end, investments have been made in three-dimensional laser scanning by acquiring tools such as the Faro Focus 150 laser scanner and cloud treatment software for points such as SCENE, AVEVA E3D and LASER MODELLER, capable of performing laser surveys and processing of the “Engine Room "Complete or partial to verify spaces and possibilities of installations, and to be able to develop a complete 3D design of the various retrofit solutions.

Different emission reduction systems and technologies have also been studied and analyzed in order to make Mec Ship srl a designer, independent installer and consultant in the operational choice of systems by those Owners who require a "turnkey" service. Furthermore, Mec Ship srl has established agreements with suppliers of new generation materials, especially with regard to both PVC and GRE pipes, in order to support shipowners in using the new types of systems with the most advanced materials.